Dedicated to Your Financial Success

Our multi-step approach to financial planning focuses on helping you pursue the best possible results for your investments, savings, and portfolio. We take your entire financial picture into account, identifying your concerns and evaluating any risk to your objectives.

Investment Process Section

Our investment process involves a comprehensive analysis and development of your current financial plan. Our typical client has more than $1.5 million invested with us; however, we enjoy helping clients with less strive for more. Following our three-step process, we’ll help to make your vision of the future a potential reality.

  • Surveying the Big Picture

    We’ll start by taking inventory of your current financial picture, as well as concerns you have about possible hurdles that could hinder your success. From here, we’ll brainstorm a financial plan that makes sense for your specific needs.

  • Creating a Customized Plan

    Together, we’ll develop a customized plan or portfolio that best suits your financial needs, taking into account factors such as your values, goals, concerns, timelines, and risk tolerance for an ideal plan that helps improve your odds of success.

  • Actualizing Your Financial Plan

    The final step of our investment process is perhaps the most rewarding: implementing our plan for action to help you pursue your financial goals. Rest assured, the plan isn’t carved in stone; we’ll periodically review, update, and adapt your strategy according to the changing marketplace to ensure that it continues to serve your needs.



Benefit from thorough research that helps open up your investment world.

Rest easy with the knowledge that your financial plan has been painstakingly developed with research that dives beneath the surface of market developments as they unfold. Your investments will be managed with research that helps support changes or additions to your portfolio.

  • Routinely evaluate global economic and market trends
  • Assess benchmarks of financial performance
  • Compare risk and statistics across potential investments
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Independent Model

For over 30 years, KSP Financial has been run by independent financial advisors who believe in the fiduciary standard. There are no Wall Street-esque financial representatives to act on behalf of a board—there’s only you and your best interests.

Count on accountability Icon

Count on Accountability

Our attentive, approachable advisors aim to be reliable, transparent, and accountable as we manage your portfolio and financial goals.

Your needs come first Icon

Your Needs Come First

We have no greater interests than yours. No matter what your long-term goals and visions are, we will do all we can to help get you there.

We value promptness Icon

We Value Promptness

It’s important to us that your needs and inquiries are handled as efficiently as possible. Expect prompt replies from us, always.

Your goals are prioritized Icon

Your Goals are Prioritized

When you express a concern or a goal to us, we hear you. Your wishes and opinions will be prioritized throughout our working relationship.

Better Serving You As a CFP® and CFA®

As the head of KSP Financial, Matthew Sliwa has a rich educational background in economics and is a certified CFP® and CFA®. Our combination of financial planning and investment and portfolio analysis ensures the best of both worlds for every client throughout their financial planning journey.