Our Philosophy

Pursuing Your Interests with Integrity
A singular focus on what's best for you and your objectives distinguishes the investment management approach at KSP Financial Consultants. All of our advisors share the following values and apply them to our management of your investments:

  • The belief that comprehensive planning is the key to the successful pursuit of your goals
  • A rejection of market timing as an investment strategy
  • The use of asset allocation as a risk-reduction and return-enhancing strategy
  • Adherence to a rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation and review process to help ensure the long-term success of your plan

Focus: A Client-Centered Outlook
Every aspect of our business model converges on a single focal point: You. Our philosophy, our people, and our processes are all designed to serve our clients. From our first meeting and throughout our relationship with you, your unique priorities, personal style, and life vision are the center of our attention. We believe you deserve nothing less than:

  • An advisor who sees you as a person, not a portfolio balance
  • The utmost respect for you and your concerns
  • Highly responsive, attentive service and individualized attention from your advisor and our support staff
  • Prompt, honest answers and clear explanations
  • Complete disclosure of all pros and cons and fees associated with any financial product you're considering
  • A customized financial plan that reflects your vision, your timeline, and your risk tolerance

To ensure that our focus remains constant, we are committed to growing our firm only as it allows us to continue to provide each client with the specialized expertise and time-tested independent approach to wealth preservation we are known for.