Investment Process

Scope: A 360° View of Your Financial Life
Our comprehensive planning approach goes far beyond portfolio management. From rising inflation rates and health care costs to taxation and longevity issues, we identify your concerns and evaluate their potential impact on your objectives. As Investment Adviser Representatives of Commonwealth Financial Network®, we build your investment plan on a solid platform of across-the-board analysis and preparation, and we strive to ensure that you're ready for whatever life brings. The design of this highly individualized plan entails three steps:

Step 1: Survey the Big Picture. We begin with a full-scale overview of your financial life. This comprehensive approach enables us to weigh your long-term goals against your current priorities and overall financial situation to help ensure that the plan meets all of your needs.

Step 2: Create a Customized Plan. We combine what we know about you—your financial situation, values, goals, concerns, timelines, and risk tolerance—with our extensive investment knowledge to create a comprehensive plan that's exactly right for you. Where appropriate, we'll integrate the expertise of outside attorneys, accountants, and other third-party advisors to make sure all aspects of your financial life are following the same strategy.

Step 3: Bring Your Vision to Life. We put your plan into action. And you can rest assured that our mutual decisions balance fact-based judgments with your personal risk tolerance. We periodically review, update, and adapt your strategy to changing realities to ensure that it continues to target your needs and pursue your objectives.