KSP Financial Consultants was founded in 1993 by Jeff Karelis and Matt Sliwa as Karelis, Sliwa & Associates, with a mission statement that has not changed to this day—to help clients reach their financial goals through a long-term financial planning relationship focusing on trust, creativity, objectivity, and value-added service. The firm specialized in the growing financial needs and protection considerations of successful professionals, pre-retirees, and retirees. In 1998, Jeff and Matt added Ted Porter, who specializes in retirement plans and employee benefits, and changed the name to Karelis, Sliwa & Porter.  

By 2006, KSP Financial Consultants had grown to encompass 11 team members serving clients in 24 states. All of our financial consultants have a specialty and work as a team, ensuring a comprehensive approach to each client. We think we've greatly improved upon the traditional model used by many Wall Street firms—the one where they sell you their own products in order to meet their target sales goals, not your financial ones.